The same “rake” leads to the same bumps on the forehead. So what should you stop doing in order to at least minimize your risks of losing? Let’s start in order.

Victory at any cost

Most casino players come for money. They set themselves the goal of winning and completely forget about the path that must be taken to achieve this goal. Thus, they cut off all possible passages, seeing a narrow path. On which they begin to climb.

Having changed the attitude to the process itself, the gambler begins to think bigger, to see the moves there. Where I did not notice them before. His whole body relaxes, the brain begins to enjoy the process itself. Experiencing an internal rise, it becomes much easier for a gambler to endure ups and downs. He gets real pleasure, watching the game as if from the side.

It is this attitude that gives you a better chance of winning. This attitude allows you not to drive yourself into a corner in case of loss and to really look at things. Not everything is subject to man. Sometimes you have to trust your luck and let the control system go by itself.

This does not indicate that the game should not be followed. There is a small rule for old-timers. What newbies often forget about is not to put everything on the line. Still, the mind should not be completely turned off.

The bet must be greater than the loss amount

Sound familiar? Everyone wants to make money. Naturally. Having lost a certain amount, you want to return it as soon as possible. In this case, as a rule, there is a method of increasing the rate. It seems that now I will win and then I will cover the loss here, which was quite recently, and at the same time I will remain in the black because of the larger bet.

This typical mistake is familiar to drivers who, confused, continue to press the gas pedal, not trying to use another way to avoid a collision. As you can see, such mistakes are familiar not only to players. To avoid this mistake, try observing and letting go of the situation. Remember that the institution and the rules in it are built in such a way as not to lose.

Another misconception that haunts the players is the feeling that the series of losses is about to be interrupted and then we will heal. Theoretically, from the point of view of psychology, the statement is correct. It is necessary to believe in a bright future and have the spirit to achieve this goal. But also do not forget that such a position can leave the gamer completely “without pants”. Remember this when you are about to finish the game. Stop on time is the golden rule of old-timers.