2004 – it was at this time that a number of major Spanish media announced that the trial of the famous adventurer Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo was completed. The prosecution insisted on imprisonment because Gonzalo was suspected of using illegal tricks on roulette, thanks to which he was able to consistently win. Note that the litigation lasted for over 10 years and now we will tell a short story of the life of a swindler.

How it was?

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo begins his activity in the 90s, when he failed to achieve success in his field of activity, he plunges headlong into roulette. The Spaniard cannot be called an inventor and a pioneer, since he uses a online casino Malaysia technique that, at one time, was used by Joseph Jagger himself in the 19th century.

The first field of activity was the casino “Madrid” – here, watching the roulette wheel, he comes to the conclusion that the design of the used roulette wheels is imperfect and deviations in their work, if not on the face, can be noticed quite simply. The point is small – to find out which specific numbers appear more often than others. To do this, he writes down the falling numbers for a certain period.

Gonzalo enters the obtained data on his computer and, simulating the rotation of the roulette, gets an unexpected result – the ball stops at certain numbers much more often than at others. Having carried out simple mathematical calculations, the Spaniard comes to the conclusion that, having made the right bets, he will receive at least 15% advantage over the gambling establishment.

First steps

The Spaniard returns to the Casino de Madrid with the money and already on the first evening he rips off a lot of money. He visits the casino constantly and systematically empties the cash register for large sums. The administration decides to take some action and closes Gonzalo’s access.casino

But it was already too late – the Spaniard switches to other gambling establishments and works according to the previous scheme. Analyzes wheel errors, writes down numbers and plays for money. When all establishments in the country are denied access, an enterprising player flies to Vegas and after some time decides to “retire”, earning several million dollars.

The lawsuits were unsuccessful for the prosecutors – the court acquitted Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo, and the judge personally appealed to the ewallet casino Malaysia representatives with a proposal to monitor the equipment and update it more often.

Probably, this was a turning point, since currently the roulette wheels in the major casinos of the world do not have any deviations. Their very structure completely excludes the possibility of abuse by users of visual ballistics or any other methods.

The Spaniard himself, having decided to earn some more money, wrote a book about his game, which became a bestseller. There is an interview with him on the network, and a documentary was shot. According to the court decision, Casino de Madrid, where the player started his career, cannot refuse to serve him, but Gonzalo himself gave up gambling.